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Happy Holi Festival Scrap 2011- Have a Safe and Clean Holi

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Here is the Festival of colors, the Holi Festival 2011. It's one of the most famous event in India where people play it by applying or throwing Abir or Gulal (color powder) to each other. The festival is celebrated in spring season. It is also known as Basant Uthsav or Dolyatra. This festival has got its origination from the famous mythological story of Holika where Prahlad, the most devotee of Lord Vishnu was to be killed by Holika on the basis of the order given by demon king Hiranyakashipu as he wanted to be worshiped by people in the world. Prahlad was carried by Holika in the bonfire as she was blessed not be burnt into fire. But in this case Holika burnt and Prahlad stayed alive. And Lord Vishnu killed Hiranyakashipu to maintain peace and love in the world. Now people play this holi with colors with full of fun and with great enthusiasm and spirit. It breaks all barriers between people and it also brings happiness and prosperity in life. It adds an extra flavour and color in our life. It also helps to convey our love to each other. People tries to take off all worries, tensions and depressions, and enjoy it to its fullest. So it’s a prayer to all to play a safe holi and make this festival most entertaining and interesting.


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