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Windows 7 Features : The features that can be found on the Windows 7

The features that can be found on the Windows 7 are Remote Media Streaming which is allows safe long-distance internet access to digital media library from other PC based on Windows 7. Windows Security Center also will be replaced with Windows Action Center for security and management which has needed to computer.

Beside that, Windows 7 go along showing writing detector and multi-touch feature, support a virtual hard drive, efficiency improved on the multi core processor, boot time upgraded and also Kernel restore. Heterogeneous graphic card from different vendor, New Media center, gadget for media center, XPS Essential Pack and Windows PowerShell also one of part from new feature which has loaded. Calculator also new with greater capacity such as programming, statistic mod and unit converter tool, so don’t need two or three separate calculation tool anymore after this.

On the control panel also, added Tuner text ClearType, Display Color determinant wizard, recovery, troubleshooting, Work center, Location, Qualification manager, Biometric device, system icon, and display. The biggest visual change on taskbar is where Quick Launch is replaced with application which is slip into Taskbar. As well as special button integration together work button, that allows Jump List function to access immediately to usually work that has been done.

Beside that, clock system also changed and introduces a function that the name given Peek. If you move the cursor to this button, its will makes all windows transparent for you to see desktop. For PC with multi-touch capability, this feature will be dilated with enable it’s selected by touching finger and with “click” this button will minimize all the windows.


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