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Facebook Awesome Features

There are more than 800 million people on Facebook making FB the largest social network. All of these FB users, do not know all the awesome features of Facebook. We all like staying on Facebook, talking with our friends for several hours and having an eye on activities of our friends on Facebook.
Most of us do not care to have an eye on Facebook feature updates which is why we fail to know about the latest Facebook features. I am not talking about Facebook "Username" or "Timeline", i am talking about some lesser known but awesome Facebook features.

1- Friendship Page

"Friendship Page" is a feature which helps you to know common things between you and your particular friend. It neatly shows you the time since you both are friends and things you have done together like wall posts, comments, photos n statuses where both of you are tagged. This will also show you the mutual number of friends.

Type this URL:>
in your browser to see it yourself.

Change and with their respective Facebook Profile IDs/Vanity names

2- Facebook Impact

Well, Facebook do have the information about the people who joined Facebook because of YOU. "Facebook Impact" is the feature where you can know the number of people you referred to Facebook.

Go to and see how many people joined Facebook because of you.

3- Facebook Photo Badges

You possibly have seen Facebook badges for Pages with a Like button on many websites and blogs. Facebook also provides the same kind of badge for your Profile. You can include many things in your badge such as photos, status updates, info etc.

Simply visit

4- Download Your Facebook Information

Do you want to download all photos that you uploaded on Facebook, all the messages, wall posts, friends list etc. Facebook gives you the facility to download all your Facebook data. All you have to do is, go to and click on "Download a copy of your Facebook data" and you will get a browseable archived zip file containing all the contents.

5- Ignored Smilies

Facebook allows you to use more than 25 emoticons/smilies in your Facebook chats or messages however most of us only use 2-3 smilies most of the times. Here is a list containing CODES of all Facebook smilies/emoticons. Start using these miserable smilies too ;)

Dont worry about the first simily :putnam:. Actually this is the picture of Chris Putnam who is an Engineer and the developer of Facebook Chat. Feel to free to share cool Facebook features using below given comment form :)


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