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Introdusing New Google SIM Card With Nexus S | In Spain

All right. What we have here – a Google branded SIM card with an S. Nexus

According to a Spanish site – Engadget Android, Google can be tested by giving some of the engineers of these cards and Nexus S, as shown in the picture below. It seems real, very well.

And here is another thing. If you look closely in below pictures, you’ll notice is a person showing – Google_Es. Now it is quite easy to change the brand carriers, but once again, are the SIM cards described above seem quite ok.

This should not be entirely true, it is taken with a pinch of salt. In addition, the source said that Google could become a virtual operator and the work, either with or Pepephone Simyo – telecom operators in Spain.

Hmm, sounds interesting. If Google is really looking to translate their voice service for the carrier, which may be large. Very, very large


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