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Most Facebook Users are Wary of The Messages Tab "Hidden"

  • Contribute to hide a lot of messages collective.

Across many Facebook users expressed dissatisfaction with the sub-tab Other tab General Messages Messages and which contributes indirectly to hide a lot of messages which cause the collective anger and dissatisfaction with users of Facebook on a large scale.

The Facebook site has provided property Other tab General Messages for several months but did not attract the attention of a wide range of users only recently, but that many users did not notice its presence until now, and aims Facebook this tab sub to collect the messages that it deems less important for the user , and often messages are private occasions or persons have no direct relationship to the user, but in some cases may cause problems for the user, most notably what happened to correspondence site Slate, which reached her a letter from a man who does not know knows that he has found the apparatus laptop missing, but the Facebook class the message within the Other tab to another a lot of organ retrieval.

Mashable was the site of the technical specialist has recently decided to work a poll for visitors and those who follow news on Twitter about the property Other, and in spite of the poll still exists so far, the majority of users expressed their discontent with the full on the property.


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